This is very different for me but then again, it brings me back to my years with The Count….Q. gave me a rhythm track to work with and asked me to arrange the orchestra for this tune on “Q’s Jook Joint.”   So in a way, I can’t really take credit for the arrangement but then again it is my arrangement. When you hear these saxophones, well that’s my arrangement. I write what I love and hear - then great musicians perform and elevate the arranger’s notes.  WOO, are they good!  Not to discount the sound recording, the engineering is superb! My all time favorite engineer Tommy Vicari along with Bruce Sweden, Al Schmitt & Francis Buckley took home the Grammy in 1996 for “Best Engineered Album”, non-classical. 

One can talk all they want about music but music is meant to be listened to and felt in your soul.

Q said it best in the liner notes: “This is as good as it gets - hot soloists, burnin’ big band and rompin’ rhythm section.”  Enjoy!