FRIENDS: Recently, I put together a compilation of 15 of my favorite arrangements in my library, as well as 3 original composition. I called it SAMMY FOR FRIENDS. Over the next few months, I will share then with you with a little story behind each one. Here we go!

#2 - THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN (theme) - I just happened to see this movie again recently of the same title.  The Electric Horseman is a 1979 American western adventure-romance film starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda and directed by Sydney Pollack.  I got a call from the studio and they sent me this beautiful tune that Dave Grusin had written for the movie. By the way, Dave Grusin happens to be one of my favorite writer!  They asked me to do it for a soundtrack album.  I did my own arrangement and very different then the one used in the movie.    Enjoy.

The Electric Horseman-ASMAC_Page_01.jpg