September 26, 2017

Dear Maestro Sammy Nestico!

Finally, after almost two years of waiting, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the full version of your new CD, A COOL BREEZE, performed by SWR Big Band. I bought an MP3 version to satisfy my desire to listen to the album's music as soon as possible. The very first reaction is delight, delight and surprise! I do not know such an event either in classical or in jazz music. As far as I know, the album was finished when you celebrated the 91st year of your birth.  In biology, there is the concept of "biological age". When I listen to your song in the style of "Funky" on the composition of B. Golson "Along Came Betty", I define your creative age as 25 years. I admire the richest orchestral fabric of your arrangements. This is a kaleidoscope of melodic, rhythmic and timbre techniques. For me, the new version of "Softly From My Window” always gives me "goose bumps” especially during the culmination of an electric piano, the timbre of a celesta, sound in a musical size of 3/4.

Dear Maestro, thank you for the pleasure I receive when I listen to your music and your arrangements.

Gennady, Arranger & Teacher, College of Music Tyumen, Russia

Click here for a sampling of this song.